Saturday, February 11, 2012

Watch How to Rock Season 1 Episode 3

This the New Series by Nicklodeon staring by the ultimate star Cymphonique Miller poupular girl and a former Queen she is the singer of Gravity 5 and known as the true friends and band mates and she know how to dance and sing, this series based on the book of How to Rock Braces and Glasses by the well-known writer Meg Haston and popular publisher Little, Brown and premiered on last February 4, 2012 the show centers Kacey Simon she is known girl with braces and glasses, and kacey have a new way to express their feeling through music and she become a lead singer of gravity 5 band she can sing pop/hip-hop with their band mates Stevie, Zander, Nelson, and Kevin Watch How to Rock Season 1 Episode 3.

The newest episode of How to Rock will coming on in this Saturday night when the most popular guys in the school Justin Cole have the invitation for the biggest party of the year and also the Gravity 5 with Kacey is also invited in the party But now, she feels pressure to make sure they fit in with the cool kids. Launching into action, Kacey schools her band mates on being cool, but later learns that asking her friends to change is the wrong approach. Watch How to Rock Season 1 Episode 3 Online to see the the story of the life of the members and friends of Gravity 5 have fun guys enjoy watching.


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