Saturday, January 7, 2012

Kourtney and Kim Take New York Season 2 Episode 6: Cat’s Away Mice Play

Probably one of the most successful reality shows ever created Kourtney and Kim Take New York features one of Hollywood’s most controversial lad Kim Kardashian. This reality television series gives us an access to Kim’s private life. As we all know Kim K became famous after her scandalous video came out in public. But that we can’t consider as a bad luck to her cause though she was humiliated (whatever the term is) it still resulted to something fruitful or shall I say it opened up doors of opportunity for her, the biggest of it probably is her Hollywood career.

I honestly think that there is nothing worth watching about this reality show but the fact that the show’s second premier gained 3.2 million, well it clearly produced a million bucks which is why I think the show is still running. Another reason I also consider why million of viewers out there wants to watch Kourtney and Kim Take New York season 2 episode 6 is that Kim’s private and controversial life is very intriguing. Say for example her short term marriage with the NBA star Chris Humphries which only lasted for correct me if I’m wrong 72 days. It seemed to be that she really wasn’t in love with the man that’s why it’s very easy for her to dump him and say I quit to their marriage. That thing is suppose to be sacred.

Well if you wanna watch Kourtney and Kim Take New York season 2 episode 6 online entitled “Cat’s Away Mice Play” then better set January 8, 2012 as a date for that is the airing date of the upcoming episode of this hit reality tv show from E. Keep on tracking what’s up and what’s new on the lives of the Kardashian clan by watching this American reality television series produced by Ryan Seacrest.


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