Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Watch Are You There, Chelsea? Season 1 Episode 3

This the New Episode of Are You There, Chelsea? Will aired this coming January 25, 2011 to give us another source of enjoyment and satisfaction in the question that cross in our mind I know that you are excited to Watch Are You There, Chelsea? Season 1 Episode 3 Believe before we go to this episode I will give you the preview of the last episode When Sloane's old high school boyfriend Matt Gunn, shows up at the bar, Chelsea's adolescent fantasies are awakened and despite Sloane's objections, Chelsea can't resist the temptation to go out with him and Rick tracks down his old girlfriend Nikki to reconnect and finds out she's now engaged to someone else, This the Preview in the last episode of this Series.

Are You There Chelsea? Will have episode 3 hope you will enjoy this episode Watch Are You There, Chelsea? Season 1 Episode 3 When Sloane plans a social gathering for her church group at Jerry's Ultimate Sports Bar, Chelsea finds herself attracted to the band's cute lead singer Luke but his virginal ways soon become an insurmountable obstacle. She then decides he is the perfect match for Dee Dee and sets about matchmaking. Meanwhile, Rick's old girlfriend Nikki takes a job at the bar and while Rick is excited to have her around, her saucy personality doesn't sit well with everyone watc this episode entitled Believe have a fun guy enjoy Watching.


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