Saturday, January 21, 2012

Watch The Bad Girls Club Season 8 Episode 1

The Bad Girls Club will back again in the 8th season in this year we know that feel short in the last season but now the will have a new season and new episode that we keep track, The Bad Girls Club is American Tv Show tha we Seen in our Favorite Tv Station that is Oxygen netawork. The story about the seven rebilious woman have age from 21 to 27 years old that have a different back round in their different personalities and under the bahavioral and psychological problems, and the seven Girls will combined in one mansion house and enjoy their luxurious lifestyle in side the house but they have a rules that be observed and follow inside and outside of the house.

And if the Bad Girls will not follow the rules she will evicted and repalce another bad girls to complete the seven bad girls in the house, If they engage in violence towards other girls or break other rules may be evicted also and use of tv and celphone inside the house is also prohibited. The goal inside the house is to change their behavior and become a role model in the sciety and in to the other bad girls to change their personality behavior, Im so exited to Watch The Bad Girls Club Season 8 Episode 1 to see and witness the new bad girls become a good citizen in our world and give us some lesson thar we apply in our personal life have a fun guys enjoy watching the new episode of this show.


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